What phone number do I call to make an appointment?

For appointments with Dr. O’Neill, please call 603.536.2270

Where does Dr. O’Neill see patients?

Dr. O’Neill currently has office hours in Plymouth and North Conway.

Will my visit and/or surgery be covered by my insurance and will I need a referral?

All insurance companies have different policies. Because Dr. O’Neill is a specialist, he usually does require a referral from your primary care physician. There is no way to guarantee payment from your insurance company at the time of your visit. We recommend that our patients review their contracts with their insurance company prior to their appointments and if there is any question or concern, to call the custom service number on the back of the insurance card. All Coinsurance payments (Co-Pay’s) will be collected at the time of your visit.

What do I need to bring with me to my initial visit with Dr. O’Neill?

All patients are asked to bring their insurance information and proper fitting clothing for their appointments. Knee patients are asked to either bring or wear a pair of shorts. Shoulder patients should bring or wear a tank top or sports bra top.

If patients have time, we prefer they download our registration forms and have them filled out prior to their visit.

If I have a Worker’s Compensation Claim, what do I need to do prior to seeing Dr. O’Neill?

All Worker’s Compensation Claims must go through your employer prior to making an appointment to see a physician. There is specific paperwork that they will need to file allowing you to seek treatment for your injury.