CME Medical Consulting

Dr. Daniel F O’Neill, an Orthopaedic Surgeon for over 25 years in New Hampshire, has been lending his expertise to workman’s compensation and other medical-legal issues since 2011 through his company, CME Medical Consulting. In addition to Board Certification in Orthopaedics through the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS), Dr. O’Neill also holds a sub-specialty certificate in Sports Medicine also from the ABOS. Additionally, he has a Doctorate in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Boston University. While seemingly a jump from sports to work and injury, it is our belief that such issues are a natural extension from similar problemsthat confront athletes in performance, both from a physical and psychological level.

Dr. O’Neill is experienced in all levels of medical consulting from Independent Medical Evaluations, to injury litigation to malpractice cases. He has worked for both plaintiffs and defendants. He has testified under oath. Because of the nature of his practice in the last quarter century, he has experience in not only sports medicine issues, but has treated, and continues to treat, the full spectrum of musculo-skeletal problems.

As with other aspects of his practice, Dr. O’Neill continues to be a student in the treatment of these unique problems. In 2013 alone he completed 25 hours of Continuing Medical Education in occupational medicine and worker’ compensation.

Please see the home page of this website for more information regarding Dr. O’Neill’s credentials and CV, especially his work as a Board Examiner, researcher and article reviewer for two major Orthopaedic journals. He gives numerous presentations throughout the year and thus in very comfortable with public speaking. In regard specifically to CME Consulting, we offer an efficient, honest, and, most assuredly, independent service to our clients. As noted at the end of his reports, his opinions are always based upon “existing evidence based medicine and official disability guidelines and are totally independent of the requesting agent.”

Our philosophy at CME Consulting is that these referrals carry the same import and deserve the same time and respect as all other consults. As a physician first, and with his unique background and energy, Dr. O’Neill feels he can offer a service second to none.

Please call 603-728-9194 and speak with Michelle Thompson regarding questions and appointments. Dr. O’Neill sees consultations in multiple locations including Plymouth, North Conway, Littleton and Franconia, New Hampshire and will see clients in other locations where space is provided. The team at CME Consulting looks forward to helping you.

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